Get the best Amritsari Kulcha Experience in Dubai at Amritsr Restaurant

Get the best Amritsari Kulcha Experience in Dubai

Indian food varies as per several regions and cooking styles. If we talk specifically about North India, their cuisine is spicy with a rich traditional taste that’s also associated with different methods of cooking.

However, one mouth-watering recipe from Punjab that’s popular worldwide is the Amritsari Kulcha Recipe. Besides India, you can easily find Amritsari Kulcha in Dubai, Singapore, Canada, South Korea and several other regions in the world.

Popular Punjabi Food in Amritsr Restaurant

Indian food in Dubai’s Amritsr restaurant is inspired by the authenticity of Punjabi-style cooking. Since farming is prevalent in rural Punjab, their basic food consists of having a generous amount of Ghee (clarified butter) on Roti (flatbread), along with different types of chicken or vegetarian dishes.

Amritsr Restaurant is the best Indian restaurant in Dubai where you can enjoy the authentic taste of Amritsari cuisine. Their popular food items include Amritsari Kulcha, Dal Makhni and Tandoori Chicken. However, we’ll focus here just on the delicious Amritsari Kulcha.

What is Amritsari Kulcha?

Amritsari Kulcha consists of stuffed Indian bread that’s layered with true Punjabi style ingredients and potato stuffing. The kulcha is quite heavy itself but it’s served with a full bowl of chole (chickpeas) and spicy chutney.

Usually, one kulcha is enough to satisfy your hunger pangs. But if you have a huge appetite, you may go for two or more kulchas as well. The taste of their Kulcha reminds you of the authentic taste that you usually get at Indian Dhabas with outdoor seating.

What makes Amritsari Kulcha So Special?

If you have been to India and have ever tasted Amritsari Kulcha, you’d instantly know the authentic taste when you taste this dish at the popular Amritsr Restaurant. It’s amazing to enjoy the original taste of Punjabi food in Dubai, where many Indians, as well as non-Indians, love to binge on Indian food.

Kulcha is often made by aerating and fermenting (leavening) the maida. This flatbread is famous in North India, especially Amritsar and Delhi. This Indian flatbread is also quite popular in terms of consumption around the world.

It is generally a heavy breakfast dish that includes high calories. But this dish is available in Indian restaurants in Dubai till evening to satisfy customers’ hunger pangs.


The ingredients used to make Amritsari Kulcha are maida, potato stuffing, and salt. The maida is leavened to ferment the bread that further aerates and softens the dough.

Usually, the leavening process is carried out by using yogurt or yeast or baking powder. However, yeast is used typically in leavening kulcha dough. The yeast containing dough is left for fermenting for a few hours by wrapping it within a wet cloth.

This dough is further pummelled on a flat surface and the stuffed portions are rolled to make round or oval-shaped kulchas. For baking, the chefs use the earthen clay oven so that tandoori crispy texture and smoky flavour is added to each kulcha.


Besides potato stuffed Kulcha, different types of kulchas are stuffed with paneer (cottage cheese), cauliflower, etc. No matter what stuffing you prefer, the tasty kulcha is always served with piping hot chole, spicy chutney, a dollop of butter, pickle, and vinegar dipped onions.

Ingredients of this dish could easily make your mouth water, as you get the best Amritsari Kulcha in Dubai at Amritsr Restaurant.

What is the best way to eat Kulcha?

The best way to eat Amritsari kulcha is by brushing butter on the top and garnishing it with freshly chopped coriander leaves. The coriander leaves are added to enhance the flavour of the kulcha.

If your order chole kulcha, you’re served the kulchas with hot chole (chickpeas). Even chutney is served with this dish that’s made using onion and tamarind to achieve sour and sweet flavour.

Why choose Amritsr Restaurant for Amritsari Kulcha?

One of the major reasons to choose Amritsari Kulcha is that it’s a hearty meal that satisfies your gastronomic cravings. Usually, this dish is spicy with a crisp texture.

Although it’s high in calories, you must not leave an Indian restaurant in Dubai without having this tasty delicacy. The local significance of this dish can be indicated from the fact that Amritsari Kulcha is considered synonymous of Amritsar.

Kulcha is a variation of naan (Indian roti) and, in most parts of North India, it’s served without stuffing. Some people like to enjoy it with different types of sabzis (cooked vegetables) and gravies. The plain kulcha is also served as naan is some restaurants.

However, the stuffed kulcha with potato is served as “aloo kulcha.” Besides, you may order it in the different stuffing of cottage cheese, onion, etc. Moreover, the quantity of stuffing can also be changed according to the customer’s order requirements.

You can find these stuffed Kulchas in any popular Indian Kulcha restaurant, such as Amritsr. The stuffed kulchas are rich in spices to meet the authentic taste of Punjabi food.

However, due to your preferences, it could be made less spicy or spicier. The typical spices found in Amritsari Kulcha are chopped green chillies, dried mango powder (amchoor powder), red chilli powder and garam masala. All these spices give the unique yet delicious flavour to this popular Punjabi dish.


Wholeness, love and sharing are some important cores of Indian lifestyle and it truly reflects in their way of cooking. Indian Punjabi’s are now spreading their love and good vibes throughout the world by serving their gastronomical recipes – from Gulab Jamuns to Amritsari kulcha in Karama, Dubai and other parts of the world.

Be it the kulcha menu or spicy dishes, Punjabi food is famed all over the world for its sumptuous flavours, creamy texture and buttermilk. Besides all the tasty food, hospitality, generosity and love are unmatched throughout the world. Their goodness is reflected through their food, which is simply merry and grand just like their hearts.