Chole Bhature – Why Everyone Loves this Punjabi Dish?

Chole Bhature

Punjabi Chole Bhature is not just food; it’s one of the most tempting delicacies to provide ultimate satisfaction to your taste buds. After just one bite of chole bhature, we’re certain you won’t be able to resist yourself to have more. 

If you have ever been to the North-Western region of India or lived in Delhi, you must be aware of their spicy and mouth-watering cuisines that are hard to resist. 

In Punjab, it’s not an obligation but a necessity to treat your stomach with the goodness and warmth of some of the spice-loaded delicacies. 

One such tempting and flavourful dish from palatable Punjabi Cuisine is Chole Bhature. This dish is a combination of fried flatbreads and tangy chickpea curry. It is one of the favourite breakfast/snack dishes of many people in Northern India. 

Besides, it can even be enjoyed at lunch or dinner. There’s no specific time to eat chole bhature for Punjabis.

Who Invented Chole Bhature?

Famous everywhere in North India, chole bhature was invented in Delhi in the 1940s.  This tasty dish is accompanied by pickles, onions, mint chutney and a glass of lassi or Chaas. You can easily find chole bhature at most street food joints in Northern India. However, you can also prepare it at home.  

Why is Chole Bhature Famous in Punjab?

Since Punjabi people love their spicy food, they like to include it in their diet anytime they desire. The crispy puffed Bhatura, when combined with hot, spicy and tangy chole curry, becomes irresistible. That’s the reason why Punjabis cannot get enough of this delicious dish.

Are Chole Bhature and Chole Puri the Same?

While both the dishes include the tangy chole/chickpea curry, there is a difference between puri and bhature. Puri is thinner and smaller in size and it’s made with atta (whole wheat flour).

On the other hand, bhatura is thicker and larger. And, it is made with maida (all-purpose flour). The flour for bhatura needs to be fermented with yeast, whereas puris are made without any fermentation process.

Is Chole Good for Weight Loss?

Since chole/chickpeas are high in fibre and protein, it aids in weight loss. The fibre helps you feel fuller for a long duration and protein also satiates hunger. 

The fibre content in chole and also in bhatura is good for the digestive system. However, you must eat it in moderation because the bhature is fried and high in fat content. 

What Do We Call Chole Bhature in English?

Chole Bhature in English is called Chickpea Curry with Fried Flatbreads. It is a combination of fried bread called Bhatura and spicy chickpeas (chole). 

Is Chole Bhature Healthy?

Chickpea is a great source of vitamin E, vitamin C and beta carotene, as well as antioxidants with some phytochemicals. The homemade Chole Bhature with “no oil” is low in fat and low in calories.

Therefore, it’s healthy to eat. Usually, Bhatura is made with refined flour and yogurt that’s good for your digestive system as well. 

How Many Calories Are There in Chole Bhature?

Chole Bhature Calories Chart

One serving of Chole Bhature contains around 427 calories. Out of 427 calories, carbohydrates contain 201 calories, proteins comprise 43 calories and other calories come from fat content that contains 181 calories.


Whenever you want to eat something spicy, tangy and full of flavour, Punjabi Chole Bhature is a great option. After all, nothing fills your stomach and satiates your taste buds and soul better than a plate full of Punjabi Bhature. 

You may even prepare chole bhature at home with Amritsr Restaurant’s easy Chole Bhature recipe. So, go ahead and try making it for yourself and your family. If not, you may even order it from Amritsr restaurant in Dubai.