10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Lassi


Lassi is popular summer drink that is being served espcially in North India. However, the popularity of Lassi is not confined to North India, but is it hugely famous across the world. This age old drink is touted to be the best cooling summer drink which does not only give you refresh you but also have several health benefits. This dish is prepared by churning the curd & it contains B-complex vitamins, calcium, potassium, phosphorous and folic acid. A sip of sweet lassi topped with generous dollop of cream is hard to resist for anyone. So if you are a fan of Lassi and want to know what are the health benefits of drinking lassi? So keep reading this post.

Helps in Digestion: As we know that Lassi is made by churning yogurt that is quite benevolent for the digestion process. Lassi is easy to digest because it is lightweight and it is suggested to be drunk after having a meal. It contains good bacteria that are essential to lubricate the intestines and aids in digestion.

Helps in Weight Loss: Now it may sound odd to you. But Lassi actually helps in reducing the weight. You would be surprised to know that Lassi is included by dietitians in their weight loss program. The reason behind including lassi in your diet is as it contains all the nutrients and is low in calories. It helps in burning belly fat, which usually covers the inside walls of the stomach.

Boost Immune System: Lassi is a good source of lactic acid and vitamin D that aids in improving your overall immune system. So we’d recommend you to drink lassi as it strengthens your immune system and prepares you to fight against health problems.

Improves Bone Health: Lassi is a rich source of Calcium that helps in strengthening your bones and teeth. So if you regularly drink lassi so it would help in making your bones stronger and dental health will also get improved.

Lower Blood Pressure: If you are suffering from lower blood pressure problem, then you should often drink lassi. Regular consumption of lassi can lower your high blood pressure. It contains potassium and riboflavin that helps in removing excess toxins from your body and boost the immune system.

Helps in Acidity: Lassi is prepared with Curd that is cool and it helps in soothing your stomach. After you consume Lassi, it cools down the spices of the food and calms an inflamed stomach lining. It helps your stomach to get rid of acids that cause heartburn and indigestion. So if you are suffering from acidity then we would suggest you start drinking lassi on a regular basis.

An Anti Ageing Drink: Lassi contains a high quantity of lactic acid or AHA and drinking lassi can improve your skin texture. It will help in making you look younger. So if you want to look young and charming then include Lassi in your diet.

It Fights Body Heat: Lassi is refreshing and cool drink that helps in reducing the temprature of your body. Therefore, it is advised to drink this smoothie during the summers as it will help in lowering down your body temprature. Lassi is rich source of electrolytes that helps you to easily fight dehydration.

Prevents Stomach Problems: If you are suffering from prolonged stomach problems then we would suggest you to start drinking lassi. It helps you to get rid of several stomach problems.

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