Why Are We Best Indian Restaurant in Al Nahda, Dubai ?

Amritsr Restaurant

India is considered the land of thousand spices, aromas, and various other culinary traditions. Without any uncertainty, India is a dream destination for all types of foodies. As per India’s diverse population, every region has its own flavours and spices to offer. There are a lot of micro cuisines found here and there in this subcontinent. Lot of restaurants try to take recipes and magical flavours from each and every region of this country and open their own restaurant in their own country. What if we tell you there is a new Indian restaurant just opened in the location of Al Nahda, Dubai where you will get delectable dishes and cuisines. Yes, you heard that right. It seems good news for globetrotters and local residents to taste  and cherish the spicy Indian cuisines.

In this restaurant , you will get to taste an array of scrumptious dishes and varied styles of Indian desi flavours in the form of Punjabi dishes , South Indian dishes, various kinds of naans, and other innumerable dishes.

Specialities of Indian Dishes in the best Indian restaurant in Al Nahda

Let’s take a dive into the spicy aromatic flavours of Indian dishes together. Indian dishes are cooked by our well skilled chefs accompanied by a charming fragrance. The strong fragrance of cardamom, turmeric and a lot other authentic spices overwhelm the people who visit our restaurant for the first time. Even some local people visit again and again to try our desi Indian dishes. The combination of all these cooking techniques that our chefs use creates the fascinating flavours of popular Indian mouth-watering dishes.

Must Try Indian Dishes in Best Restaurant in Dubai:

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken: The king of punjabi curry and the love of every North Indian is Butter Chicken. Who can forget the taste and delicacy of this lip-smacking dish? With all the delicious flavours like coriander, tomatoes, cream, butter and ginger combined altogether, this is the speciality of Amritsr Restaurant. Also called Murgh Makhani, this dish is quite popular among local Indians in Dubai. You can have this dish with garlic naan or tandoori roti.


Samosa: Every starter or snack starts with this dish. This is moreish starter snack. While eating, this is quite crispy and chewy. Samosa is generally stuffed with potatoes, peas and onions. Some people call them triangle pastries. This is a perfect dish for vegetarians who want to taste the authentic delicacy of India. If you have not had it, then visit the best restaurant in Al Nahda with your loved ones.

Chicken Tikka

Chicken tikka:The queen of chicken dishes is called chicken tikka for its obvious reasons. It is a well cooked North Indian snack which is prepared by marinating chicken pieces in yogurt and spices. Some chefs cook this in a traditional way in a clay oven or some cook in modern style like in ovens, grills or tandoors.

Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani: Every vegetarian loves to eat Dal Makhani , no matter what the occasion is. There is a proverb or saying by some local foodies: Butter chicken is for non vegetarians and Dal Makhani is for vegetarians. This creamy curry is liked by all the Indians in Dubai. It is often made with mixed lentils that are simmered in spicy and creamy sauce. To taste the traditional and authentic Dal makhani , then visit the Amritsr restaurant in Dubai. 


Biryani: You may have eaten rice in your own style. In South India, mostly south Indians prefer rice in their meals. And there is another dish in which rice plays a significant role, it’s none other than Biryani. Vegetarians prefer veg biryani and chicken lovers prefer chicken biryani. This dish does not need any explanations, just put some biryani in your platter and grab the spicy sauce, voila. Nowadays, if you are visiting Indian restaurant, then biryani must be on the menu. Otherwise, there is no way of entering that restaurant, but Amritsr restaurant’s menu is quite famous for its delectable biryani and other types of biryani. 

We hope you like the ambience of Amritsr restaurant. Come as a customer and leave as family, we do believe in this motto.