Rabri Recipe: Step by Step Procedure to Prepare Rabri


Rabri is a milk bases scrumptious Indian desserts that is fondly savored around India. The popularity of this sweet dish is not only confined to India, but it is hugely popular across the world. This dish is prepared with Full fat milk, cardamom, nuts and cardamom. Adding Cardamoms enhances the flavors and aroma of this sweet dish. Thus, if you are craving to indulge your taste buds in the authentic taste of Rabri, then visit our restaurant in Dubai to enjoy this flavorful dish. Also, if you are curious to know what is the recipe of our Special Rabri, then keep reading this post.

What is Rabri?

Rabri is a rich Indian dessert that is made of two main ingredients Milk and sugar. The process of preparing Rabri involves rigorously stirring milk on a low flame until it thickens considerably. This entire process is quite time-consuming as you need to simmer the milk for 1-1.5 hours if you want to do 4-6 servings. However, if you have decided to quit the idea of preparing Rabri after reading the amount of time it requires in preparing this dish, so you should know that the end result is worth your time.

Key Ingredients: Milk, sugar, green cardamoms, almonds (shredded), pistachios (shredded), vark leaves (silver leaves) to decorate.

Steps to Prepare the Rabri

  1. Add 1 liter of Milk in a nonsticking pan and bring it to boil. We will suggest you take a wide pan to fasten the process of boiling.
  2. Now add the Sugar, Cardamom and simmer it over low heat for 1-1.5 hours until milk thickens.
  3. We will suggest you to do not stir it too often as a layer of cream will form over it.
  4. Once the layer of foam is formed, you can push it towards the center of the pan.
  5. You can repeat the process until one-third of the milk is left. The process that will go under this depends on the quality of milk and the quality of the vessel in that you are heating the milk.
  6. It is being advised to take a wider vessel because the wider the vessel, the richer the milk quality will be. Also, it will thicken faster if you will use the wider vessel.
  7. When done, the color changes to a beige cream, and the cream that was pushed aside, collects in layers.
  8. While the Milk is simmering, you can soak almonds and pistachios in hot water for 30 minutes. Then remove their peels. They will help in enhancing the flavors of Rabri.
  9. Now chop them to the desired size.
  10. Add sugar according to your taste in the milk. Add 10 to 15 pieces of saffron which have been crushed and ½ tsp cardamom powder. Stir gently
  11. Now scrape off the entire cream layer as well as dried milk solids and add to the thickened milk.
  12. Add sliced Pistachio, Almonds and lotus water to enhance the aroma of your Rabri. Once you add them then stir it gently for few minutes.
  13. Then garnish rabri with some sliced almonds, pistachios, crushed saffron and Serve rabri hot or warm or chilled.

So it is the right way to prepare the rabri. You can prepare Rabri at home using the recipe we have shared with you above.

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