Who Invented Kulcha Chole? Where can You Taste Best Kulcha Chole in Dubai?

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Kulcha Chole the name is enough to make anyone’s mouth drooling. This dish is hugely popular among Indians. If you have ever got a chance to visit Amritsar, so one thing which is a common site in Amritsar is Kulcha Shops. It is a native dish of Punjabi’s. They occasionally eat Amritsar Kulcha as their breakfast. While as you know a lot of tourists visit Amritsar, so the popularity of this dish is not confined to Amritsar, but all across the world. Even in Dubai, Amritsari Kulcha Chole is hugely popular and people always search on Google ” Which is the best restaurant in Dubai to taste Kulcha Chole?” So you can check out this post to find out ” Where can you eat best Amritsari Kulcha Chole in Dubai?

But before proceeding any further, let’s find out Who invented Kulcha Chole?

What is the History of Kulcha Chole?

We all know Amritsari Kulcha to be endemic to Amritsar itself but according to some facts in our history, the presence of the Kulcha can be traced back to the Mughal kitchens. It is being said that Shah Jahan was once presented Kulcha by his royal Khansama and King loved it so much that it became one of the famous staples of that period. It became famous among the Mughals and nizam who while traveling to the northern part of India took this dish along with themselves. This dish still remains hugely popular among the Indians and tourists who visit India for the first time.

How Kulcha Chole is Prepared?

While people across the world have adopted different techniques to prepare this crunchy delight, but the most famous remains are to mix all-purpose flour along with whole wheat flour and you can add a little bit of salt in it to prepare its dough. It is then divided into small wheat balls in which you can add fillings of your choice. To make the Kulcha perfect, you should choose the right stuffing in the right quantity. After stuffing with the right ingredients, one need to give it a ‘Naan’ shape by pushing the fingers outward. Before putting it in the clay, in the final stage, you need to add coriander and mint leaves are stuck on the kulcha and then semi-wet kulcha is stick to the Tandoor. While sticking the Kulcha in Tandoor, you need to wet it because a dry Kulcha will not stick in the Tandoor. Once the Kulcha is prepared, it is taken out and brushed properly with butter and then crush before serving. However, Kulcha is incomplete without lip-smacking Chole and Imli chutney that takes the deliciousness of this dish to another level. The Chole adds spice to it and the Imli (tamarind) chutney adds a beautiful hint of tanginess to it.

Where can you Taste the Best Kulcha Chole in Dubai?

Coming to Dubai, so here you will find a lot of restaurants serving this delicious staple of India. The reason behind Kulcha Chole being hugely popular in Dubai is a lot of Punjabi & north Indians come to work in Dubai. So to allure these people, local restaurants have started serving Amritsari Kulcha & Chole. Moreover, a lot of Indian restaurants are also open in Dubai that has made Kulcha Chole easily available to everyone. So if you are visiting to Dubai for the first time & want to taste authentic Amritsari Kulcha Chole, so you can visit Amritsr Restaurant – The Best Indian restaurant in Dubai.

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