Top 5 Punjabi Food to Try in Best Indian Restaurant in Dubai

aloo kulcha

Punjabi’s are known to lead a lavish lifestyle from glittering clothes, luxurious jeeps & cars, sprawling houses and loud music. It has become the identity of Punjabi’s. One more thing of Punjabi’s which are talked highly across the world is their lip-smacking food. From starting their day gulping refreshing Lassi to mouth watering Chicken Tikka & butter chicken, the delicious Punjabi food is indeed loved everywhere. The demand of Punjabi food is not confined to Punjab or North India only. Punjabis have taken their food along with themselves to wherever they have gone. Thus, if you are living in Dubai and looking to taste the best Punjabi food in Dubai, so you’ve landed on the right page.

Amritsari Fish Fry: If you are craving to taste lip-smacking food, then Amritsari Fry Fish is your go-to dish. This delicious Punjabi dish will make you drool. It is an extremely popular dish in Punjab. Amritsari fried fish served with lemon wedges and sprinkled with chaat masala. This dish is a perfect starter to have with your friends and family at any time. So visit us with your loved ones to enjoy this exotic dish.

Amritsar Chole is a blend of spices, aromatic flavors, and a love of Punjabis. Amritsr restaurant, which is considered the best restaurant in Dubai by so many Indians in Dubai, serves the purpose of bridge between the Indian foodies in Dubai and Indian dishes. Amritsari Cholle is one of them. It is made from roasted and ground chickpeas and has a very aromatic sumptuous gravy. You can order this dish on your next with Naan & Poori.

Butter Chicken: The name in itself is enough to make you drooling. This dish is one of the most popular Punjabi Dish. Butter chicken is a popular Indian food, especially in Northern India. It is a tender and juicy dish due to tasty spiced yogurt marinade. The healthy butter chicken recipe is easy to make at home, provided one knows the right procedure to make this lip-smacking dish.

The aroma of this chicken dish is likely to transport you to another world. For those who love the bold and amazing flavour of simple butter chicken can make anyone hungry. So if you are looking to taste best Butter Chicken in Dubai, then order this lip-smacking dish at our restaurant. You will never forget the taste of this dish,

Kulcha Chole the name is enough to make anyone’s mouth drooling. This dish is hugely popular among Indians. If you have ever got a chance to visit Amritsar, so one thing which is a common site in Amritsar is Kulcha Shops. It is a native dish of Punjabi’s. They occasionally eat Amritsar Kulcha as their breakfast. While as you know a lot of tourists visit Amritsar, so the popularity of this dish is not confined to Amritsar, but all across the world. You can order this sumptuous dish at our restaurant and enjoy it with your friends and family.

Dal Makhni: It is one of most popular lentils dish which is extremely popular in Punjab. If you are Punjabi, then chances are high that you’ve tasted this delicious dish. You can order Dal Maknhi from our restaurant and we will deliver it to your doorstep or you can visit our restaurant to savor this dish.