Why We are Considered to be Best Punjabi Restaurant in Dubai?

Amritsr Restaurant Dubai

Punjab is one of the most prosperous and flourishing states in India, and so its cuisines.The Punjabi food is an inseparable part of every Punjabi whether he lives  in Punjab or not. Some food lovers consider Punjab is the breadbasket of India. And time and again they visit Punjab to have delicious and delectable cuisines. Hence, Amritsr restaurant tried its best to carry the spicy flavours from Punjab to Dubai for its people.

Whether you like it or not, but the best punjabi restaurant in Dubai is making its mark nowadays in Al Karama. Punjabi food has that influence and power which can help in bridging the gap between enemies, settling scores, and add extra happiness in the form of flavors, no matter what. We tried our best at Amritsr to cook scrumptious food to give a succulent taste to the locals of Dubai. You will also get the flavors of Pakistani flavors by our well-trained and professional chefs.

Punjabi cuisines have a rich tradition of tandoor cooking i.e most of the dishes are made through local ways of cooking which are widely liked and appreciated by the Indians across the world. Known for its rich, buttery flavors as well as extensive vegetarian and nonvegetarian dishes, the people of Dubai lick our dishes with great enthusiasm. 

Below are the best dishes from Punjab which are served at the best punjabi restaurant in Al Kamara Dubai:

  1. Sarson Da Saag: The most authentic and stereotyped dish at our restaurant is “Sarson Da Saag”. Known for its obvious reasons, this dish is popularly known among Punjabis. This north Indian dish is eaten during the winter season in Punjab and its nearby regions. Every North Indian associates this dish with every cuisine of Punjab and its culture since this dish is directly proportional to agriculture and farmers. Amritsr restaurant serves this dish as a token of love to all the lovers of Punjabi cuisines. You would be delighted to see this dish once you visit our restaurant in Dubai. Well presented with desi ghee and butter, this dish is served with Makki di Roti for our Punjabi people. 
  1. Makki Di Roti: Whenever there is talk about Sarson Da Saag then who can forget “Makki Di Roti”? These are two sides of a coin or you can say one dish is nothing without the other. This is Saag’s best companion in thali or plate. With the cornflour, this roti is meticulously made by our experienced pro chefs. And yes with a lot of butter on it, this whole dish is incomplete with jaggery or gur. We hope you must visit with your loved ones to relish our mouth-watering dishes.
  2. Butter Chicken: Who can forget the king of Punjabi Cuisines? Yes, you heard that right. Butter chicken is the crowning jewel of Punjabi food. Well, it may not have originated in Punjab, but definitely, it was invented by a Punjabi family so that counts, right?  The whole celebration will be incomplete without this delicacy at our restaurant in Dubai. This creamy and spicy, gravy dish is slightly buttery and served with either naan or rumaali roti. So what are you waiting for? Visit our restaurant and dine in with your family members.
  3. Dal Makhni: Every Punjabi household is quite familiar with this dish” Dal Makhni”. This dish is quite popular among vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Nobody can deny that. Amritsr restaurant serves this dish with great love and gesture that nobody can resist to relish this dish. This delectable and delicious buttery Punjabi dish made of lentils and red kidney beans mixed with thick gravy dollops of cream. This dish is really worth try and makes your food journey more special with the best punjabi restaurant in Dubai. 
  4. Cholle Bhature: Last but not least, this dish is the most significant dish of Punjab. Every North Indian, in fact, every Indian craves this dish in one way or the other. This is usually served with Amritsari Cholle or Peshawari Cholle and bathure. These two accompany each other like brother and sister. Some say that it is served with puri but instead it is larger than poori or puri. Looks like a roti, this bhature should be your go-to when you are craving some hardcore, spicy food of Punjab. 

Which is the Best Punjabi Restaurant in Dubai?

We, at Amritsr, also serve various other Punjabi dishes which you can scroll from our website. As a result, people love to visit our restaurant, since they meet with their background, culture, and ethnicity in the form of Punjabi food. Contact us today to taste authentic punjabi dishes. Call us Now @ +971 4 3278622, +971 50 6780096 or visit: https://orders.amritsruae.com/order-online/