Top 6 Indian Summer Drinks to Beat the Heat in 2021


Once the soaring temperature of the year kicks in, everyone feels fatigued, sweaty, and messed up in the sweltering heat. In order to stay hydrated at all times, our body needs water from time to time. Due to immoderate sweating, our body loses important nutrients which can be fulfilled by drinking water. To quench your thirst, you need to try some refreshing & cool summer drinks at Amritsr restaurant with your friends. Let us give you a chance to refresh and replenish your body with our best summer drinks in Amritsr restaurant.

Here are refreshing and cool summer beverages that you must explore at our restaurant:

  1. Jaljeera: Jaljeera is an amalgamation of two words: Jal means water and jeera means cumin. So basically it is called cumin water or jaljeera. This drink is formed by roasting cumin seeds into the coarse powder. The entire mixture is mixed with water. During summers, this beverage is quite popular for those who are suffering from digestive problems. Whether the person is a child or an octogenarian, this drink is liked by all no matter what. Hence ingurgitate chilled glass of jaljeera with your family members and beat the summer season like never before.
  1.  Buttermilk (Chaas or Chaanch): Quite popular among Indians , it is a wonderfully prepared curd drink. With the addition of spices like jeera, this drink has numerous benefits to offer for the digestive problems.Chaas is the liquid formed after the churning of the milk, that liquid is considered as chaas after adding salt or spices. Try this drink and savour your taste buds with this masala chaas recipe at Amritsr restaurant in Dubai and beat the heat. 
  1. Lassi: When it comes to summer drinks, Punjabi lassi remains always on top. Smooth, sweet and yogurt based refreshment is an amazing summer cooler. The lassi can either be sweet or salty, it depends on you and on your mood how to take it. Amritsr restaurant offers mango lassi, punjabi lassi,etc for their special customers. Some call it buttermilk, yogurt based curd, sweet milk but the lassi name is very popular among punjabis or localities. Thus, if you are visiting first time to dubai on a honeymoon with your soulmate so you can try it
  1. Fresh Lime Soda: Why to miss out this remarkable and amazingly delicious summer drink? Yes, we are talking lemonade or fresh lime soda. This drink is quickly prepared by mixing lemons, mint leaves, sugar, salt and water. It’s up to you whether you’d like to add coriander powder, black pepper, or other spices. In the local language, it is called nimbu paani or shikanjvi. Try this non-alcoholic mocktail which is ubiquitous in India at Amritsr restaurant.
  1. Coconut water: Try this great electrolyte in summers if you feel dehydrated because this drink can instantly cheer you up. It is the perfect drink for those who want to remain healthy, lose fat and those who are on diet. Load up on some coconut water and beat the summer season and you are good to go.
  1. Orange blush: Want to explore some fruity versions? Then what are you waiting for. Try this orange blush mocktail with your loved ones which is made up with orange juice, water, coke and lime juice. This drink is well prepared for the hottest days because it is rich in vitamin C which keeps you hydrated at all times. This juice is quite nutritious and sweet in nature and the best part is every age group can drink this without any ifs and buts.