The Importance of Indian Sweets in Diwali | Best Sweets in Dubai

Indian sweets

One of the favourite and happiest festivals of India is none other than Diwali. Diwali is widely celebrated across the world without any religious discrimination. It includes a lot of significant rituals, traditions and of course sweets. Whether it is Diwali or any other auspicious occasion, sweets are an integral part of people, especially Indians. Indians from North to South celebrate this festival with full enthusiasm and great elan. When it comes to bombastic festivals like Diwali, the importance of sweets in Diwali is greatly increased among the people. Every household starts preparing to make sweets early in the morning and then they visit their relatives and exchange sweets.

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Here is the list of sweets in Dubai which you must try:

Gulab Jamun: A classic Indian sweet made with sugary substance, rose water and cardamom powder is a dessert which is likeable by almost everyone. If someone does not like gulab jamuns, then he or she must be from another planet. Made from khoya, these sugary balls are very delectable in nature and they are very easy to make at home.

Pista Phirni: Blend mixture of milk and rice, in addition to a dash of sugar and green cardamom powder, this dessert is made in Indian households on every auspicious occasion. Whether you eat it at lunch or dinner, this is everyone’s favourite dessert mixed with pistachio nuts and rose petals. Would you like to have them at the best restaurant in Dubai? Then what are you waiting for? Because Amritsr is offering 15% OFF on sweets on the occasion of Diwali.

Sandesh: This sweet is quite popular in Bengalis in the eastern part of India. But you can avail this dessert at Amritsr restaurant. Made from channa and cottage cheese, this dessert is quite scrumptious among Bengali people and other regions of India. Mango Sandesh, Ice Cream Sandesh, Korapek with jaggery,etc are the well known varieties of Sandesh.

Kaju Katli: Well, when you are talking about sweets, then how can you forget the name of Kaju Katli. Fruits are for mangoes, likewise, sweets are for Kaju Katli. This marwari sweet is widely popular in the middle part of India and other nearby states. The main ingredient of the sweet is cashew nuts. This diamond-shaped sweet comes at the top priority of people when there is a function or occasion.

Rasmalai: The word rasmalai is a bifurcation of two words: Ras means “juice” and malai means “cream”. This dessert is popular in places like Kanpur, Haridwar, etc and most people love to eat this dessert on every occasion. Because Indians are foodies in nature no matter what. These are also called sugary channa balls.

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