Top 5 Indian Sweets to Not Miss at The Best Indian Restaurant in Dubai

indian sweets to try

Desserts are an essential part of Indian cuisine. These sweet desserts make us go weak in the knees. After having a hearty meal, desserts are relished by the people. Everyone craves sweet dishes after a meal. Because desserts give a befitting end to a heavy meal whether it is lunch or dinner. Undoubtedly, people have a great penchant for sweets no matter what. Even people prefer to visit restaurants that provide complimentary desserts with a thali or combo meal. In an Indian restaurant, these things are not uncommon. In order to fulfill the needs of the customer, restaurants provide wonderful offers with combo meals so that people visit with their families and savour their taste buds.

Here are some of the most delectable desserts which you can’t say no to them at the best Indian restaurant in Dubai:

Top 5 Indian Sweets to Try in Dubai

Gulab Jamun: This dessert originated in Iran. When Muslim rulers started arriving in India and started setting up their dynasties, then this ball-shaped dish came into existence. Made of khoya, this dish is quite popular among Indians and other parts of the world. Usually, khoya is deep-fried and immersed in sugary syrup with some rose water. Some chefs try to add other flavors like almonds, saffron, and coconut pieces. When your mouth starts watering, we would suggest you have these tiny and sugary balls.

Jalebi: How can we forget this hoop-shaped dish which is so fantabulous to eat? Made by deep-frying flour, this dish is saturated in a sugary syrup. You will get to see different versions of jalebi in different regions of the world. Some people say that this was found in Iran and Turkey. Even this dish’s recipe belongs to 15th-century cookbooks. It means people used to love this dish so much for many centuries. People prefer to eat this dessert with warm milk, some like it with meals or some like it with yogurt. No matter what , grab this hoop-shaped dish at the Indian restaurant in Dubai.

Pista Barfi: Known as the festival dessert of India, this dessert is eaten at many weddings, occasions, and festivals. Packed with goodness flavors of pistachios and coconut mixture, this dessert will give your taste buds their true essence. Even taste buds get to know why they are here actually. The icing on the cake is that even cardamom powder is added to make this barfi a spectacular, delectable and sumptuous taste.

Anjeer Barfi: This sugary thing is called anjeer barfi or sugar-free barfi. Made From dried figs and nuts, this sugar-free sweet is really the tastiest dessert for those who are suffering from diabetes. As we all know, desserts are inversely proportional to diabetic patients. To add crunch and volume, huge amount of nuts and figs are added to this barfi by the cooks. Some call it date nut ladoo or some say it is dry fruit ladoo, but actually this is not a ladoo, it is an anjeer barfi which is quite different from other delicacies. Want to have it, then visit Amritsr restaurant to give your cravings a halt.

Besan Ladoo: These sweet balls are made from gram flour, cardamoms, ghee and sugar. These are sweet delights which people like the most in Indian cuisine. These are so scrumptious and aromatic that you can’t stop your mouth watering. This famous dessert is served on festivals and auspicious occasions. And most importantly, this dessert is also served in religious programs.

So what are you waiting for? Cancel your plans and make your way to Amritsr restaurant to have a bite of these sweet desserts with your loved ones.