Get the Real Taste of Punjab in Dubai at The Amritsr Restaurant

Punjab in Dubai at The Amritsr Restaurant

Love, Sharing and Wholeness are some of the core parts of the Indian lifestyle. Indian Punjabi’s have taken up a notch and they have been spreading love and the positive vibes across the world by sharing one of the most gastronomical cuisines.

Punjabi cuisine is one of the most famous, if the most, cuisine in India. The fame is because of the sumptuous flavors, and of course, loads of butter. But, it is for their hospitality, love, and generosity that Punjabis are known for in India, and their food speaks the very same philosophy of keeping everything grand and merry.

Some Popular Punjabi Dishes

  • Butter Chicken- Yogurt marinated pieces of chicken mixed in a creamy tomato-based gravy.
  • Dal Makhani- Variety of pulses and beans, stewed together with cream and served with a dollop of butter.
  • Chole Bhature- Fried, leavened flatbread, with a side of tangy chickpea curry.
  • Aloo Paratha- Layered(Parat) flatbread made with whole wheat flour(Atta) and contains spiced potato stuffing.
  • Amritsari Kulcha- Tandoori (roasted) version of paratha that comes with a variety of filling options.
  • Paneer Tikka Masala- Vegetarian version of butter chicken. Prepared with cottage cheese(Paneer) instead of chicken.
  • Amritsari Fish- Marinated pieces of fish, fried with thick batter on top. Usually served with lemon juice.
  • Rajma Chawal- Spicy and creams kidney bean curry usually served with Basmati rice.
  • Lassi- Churned curd prepared in either salty or sweet variants.
  • Sarson Da Saag- Mustard greens stew served with Makki Di Roti (flatbread made from cornmeal)
  • Karrhi- Spicy yellow-colored (turmeric) curry with chickpea fritters.

Punjabi Food In Dubai

Indian cuisine encompasses numerous regions and styles of cooking. In North India, the cuisine has a rich tradition and is linked to many distinct ways of cooking. Punjab is famous for its tandoori form of cooking and has now become one of the stable culinary styles for almost every north Indian restaurants throughout the world. Outside of India, Punjabi Food is exceptionally famous in the UK, Canada, UAE, Singapore, USA, South Korea, Hong Kong and in many other parts of the world.

The local cuisine of Punjab is heavily influenced by its agricultural practices. Farming has been a prevalent part of rural Punjabi lifestyle since the times of the ancient Harappa Civilizations. Punjabi food is known for its generous use of Ghee (clarified butter) with Roti (flatbread), and a variety of vegetarian and meat dishes.

The Amritsr Restaurant is one of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai, and the only one that offers Amritsari cuisine. We offer numerous forms of Kulcha (leavened Indian flatbread), and stable Punjabi dishes like Tandoori Chicken and Dal Makhni.

At Amritsr Restaurant you can also find popular street-style Indian foods like Gol Gappe, Bhel Puri, Sev Puri, Dahi Bhalla, Pav Bhaji and much more. At Amritsr, you can also satiate your sweet tooth with Indian desserts like Gulab Jamun, Rabri and Mango Kulfi. The restaurant is well situated and is open 24 hours. Amristr is also one of the few takeaway restaurants that offers authentic Dhaba style, Punjabi food.

Testimonials And Reviews:

“Very nice food here and very warm service. Mutton Rogan Josh is awesome very yummy here. The ambiance is also traditional Indian.”

– Kelvin L

“So many times I bring many of my friends to this restaurant and always the same story, they change the view on Indian food and they are so amazed by tastes. We love this restaurant. Service good like always, very polite. The only problem is that we can not stop eating when we are in this restaurant!”

– Alex R

“Amazing restaurant with a lot of Indian food options. Must try the Kulcha varieties. Mt. Sankarsan, suggested some lovely food option.”

– Viraj V

“ I am always on the lookout for home delivery of Punjabi food near me. I ordered from this very restaurant a week ago, and the food was so good that I just couldn’t resist coming here and experiencing it first hand.”

– Deepika J

“I have been coming to this restaurant for quite some time now, and I must say that this is the place if you are looking for the best Indian food in Dubai.”

– Ajay K

“ I came to this country in 2010. Since then, I had been searching for some Punjabi food near me in Dubai. Got to know about this place through my colleague, and I must say that the food does remind me of Ludhiana.”

– Jaspreet S

“Delicious food and service. The food was really, very tasty and very nice. The service was helpful. We got some good recommendations. We enjoyed our dinner, keep it up.”

– Raj

With more than 20 years of experience in fine dining, we also specialize in outdoor catering, and for added convenience, you can order our Amritsari food online. Our committed staff and renowned Chefs have made outdoor Catering one of our specialties.

Our collection of authentic Punjabi food, like the choice of food in Punjabi households, are prepared to fill your stomach along with your heart. We always aim to provide all our patrons with the best possible experience, with the most authentic Indian and Indo-Chinese food. We also try to stick to our roots and cherish our humble origin, which you can feel in the ambiance of any of our restaurants.

We also cater for private events, weddings, business lunches, etc. You can even specialize in the menu as per your requirements. For more details, contact us now. Visit our Al Kamara, Dubai outlet today and indulge in some of the best Indian food in Dubai.