What makes Amritsr the Best Dine-in Restaurant in Dubai?


It would have been impossible to guess a decade ago that Dubai will be a world-famous food destination. But it has now become quite popular for relishing both traditional and international cuisines. If you are travelling to Dubai or are a resident, the city has come up with a whole lot of dine-in restaurants.

You can find the right dine-in restaurants which can offer compress the finer aspects of the cuisine and Amritsr Restaurant is one such restaurant for an authentic Indian dining experience.

Amritsr Restaurant: Your stop for Fine Dining in Dubai

Amritsr Restaurant is amongst the best fine dining restaurants in Dubai. This well-celebrated Indian fine dine-in restaurant in Dubai offers you an assortment of mouth-watering delicacies. Serving contemporary Punjabi cuisine along with other options, this restaurant is clearly the best way to enjoy Punjabi cuisine in Dubai. 

With stunning interiors, Amritsr restaurant serves the authentic flavors of Punjab. It offers authentic varieties of North Indian and Chinese delicacies and the best drinks to accompany the food. Our experienced chef and his magic of creating the original delicious Punjabi food far from the land is sure to delight you. 

Great Ambience to Accentuate your Dining Experience

Ambience at Amritsr Restaurant

Unlike the typical dine-in restaurants with formal table and chair seating, Amritsr Restaurant strives to offer an unforgettable experience. It has a comfortable seating arrangement and decor resulting in a blissfully comfortable dining experience. Furthermore, our professionals are always there to enhance your dining experience by being polite, respectful, and well-mannered. 

Recommended Dishes from Amritsr to make your Fine Dining more Memorable

If you miss Indian spices in your diet, Amritsr restaurant is a great fine dine-in restaurant in Dubai for an appetizing north Indian meal. There is a lot of food choices available from curries to snacks, tikkas to delightfully rich and smooth desserts. After entering the restaurant, you will have one question – What should you eat? Here are some of the recommended dishes:

  • Veg Khazana which is a combination of different vegetarian snacks such as:-
Recommended Dishes at Amritsr Restaurant
  • Non-veg khazana which is heaven on earth for meat lovers. This is a platter comprising:-
    • Chicken Tikka
    • Mutton Seekh Kebab
    • Fish Koliwada
    • Tandoor Chicken
    • Tangdi Kebab
  • For vegetarian dishes, try Paneer Makhani Masala with your favourite roti or naan.
  • For a non-veg main course, you enjoy Butter Chicken, Amritsari Prawn Masala, and Mutton Rogan Josh with the choice of your bread or rice. 
  • You can also devour mouth-watering Indian desserts such as:-
    • Gajjar Halwa
    • Gulab Jamun
    • Kulfi
    • Moong Dal Halwa
    • Burfi
    • Ras Malai etc.

Timings: Open 24 hours

Location: Al Attar Center – 318-836 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

In short, Amritsr Restaurant is an excellent choice to enjoy the authentic Punjabi cuisine in Dubai. Whether you are looking for ordering online, takeaway restaurant, or dine in restaurants in Dubai, Amritsr Restaurant is the right choice for any mood.

With an impressive decor, courteous staff, finger-licking Punjabi snacks and main course dishes, our restaurant is certainly in the list of the best dine-in restaurants in Dubai.  

So then what are you waiting for? Visit or order from us to relish the popular Punjabi food in Dubai with various innovations of our own that are a treat to your taste buds.