Amritsr Restaurant: Serving Up a Taste of North Indian Cooking

Amritsr Restaurant: Serving Up a Taste of North Indian Cooking

Every region in the world has its own culture, tradition, lifestyle and food. If we talk about food, we can surely say that no other nation could beat the indigenous cuisines of India. 

When moving from one Indian region to another, you find eclectic diversity in Indian food. You’ll notice that there are several changes in the cooking techniques of a particular dish in different Indian regions. 

However, the most loved Indian cuisine all over the world is North Indian dishes from Punjab. If you’re craving the authentic North Indian cuisine in Dubai, Amritsr Restaurant is one of the best places to enjoy a spicy blast of Indian flavours. 

Serving Up a Taste of North Indian Cooking

With over 20 years of the fine dining experience, Amritsr specialises in serving the original taste of North Indian cooking. It is one of the popular North Indian restaurants in Karama where you can enjoy Indo-Chinese food with your family, friends or spouse. 

The place has a perfect ambience for romantic dinners or celebrating special occasions with family or friends. 

Whether you love Indian food or Chinese cuisine, everything is served here in full spirit to make the customers happy. If we talk specifically about the North India dishes, some of them are going to remind you of the original street food in India. 

At Amritsr Restaurant, you’ll find an accumulation of some popular and unique non-vegetarian dishes from India. If you love chicken and meat, Indian style cooking has various succulent, palatable dishes made with fresh ingredients and authentic Indian spices to give each recipe that traditional touch. 

There are also amazing food options for vegetarians. From Paneer Tikka to Dal Makhani, vegetarians have plenty of tempting options too. After eating all the food, don’t forget to order Lassi. You can have a sweet or salted Lassi, especially with Sarson Saag and Makki Roti. 

Besides spicy snacks and full-course meals, Indian pastries are equally enticing and full of flavours. Be it a bone-cracking winter or a sunny summer season, Indian sweets are too hard to resist. So, after your luxurious supper, don’t forget to taste the mouth-watering sweet dish like Gajjar Halwa, Gulab Jamun, Kulfi, Burfi and Ras Malai. 

If you’re not up for full-course meals, Amritsr Restaurant also offers some popular street-style Indian snacks, such as Bhel Puri, Gol Gappe, Dahi Bhalla, Sev Puri, Chaat, Pav Bhaji, Tikki and more. 

What are the Best North Indian Foods at Amritsr Restaurant?

  • Butter Chicken: The chicken pieces are marinated in yoghurt mixed in creamy tomato-flavoured gravy and then cooked.
  • Chole Bhature: North Indian food is incomplete if we don’t talk about delicious Chole Bhature. It is a tangy chickpea dish that’s served with fried, leavened flatbread and chutney.
  • Dal Makhani: Amritsr is one of the famous Indian dine-in restaurants in Dubai serving the tastiest Dal Makhani. It is made from different pulses that are stewed together with cream. When cooked, it’s served with a piece of butter. 
  • Aloo Paratha: It is stuffed flatbread made with atta (flour) and potato stuffing.  
  • Amritsari Kulcha: It is another tasty dish from Punjab. It is a tandoori (roasted) version of Paratha, which is made with different fillings. 
  • Amritsari Fish: In this dish, the pieces of fish are marinated and then fried with thick batter on top. The final dish is served with sour lemon juice.
  • Paneer Tikka Masala: It is a vegetarian replica of butter chicken. Instead of chicken, it is prepared using cottage cheese (Paneer).
  • Rajma Chawal: It is a spicy and creamy kidney bean curry that’s served with Basmati rice. 
  • Sarson Da Saag: The mustard greens stew is cooked and served with butter and Makki Di Roti (cornmeal flatbread).
  • Lassi: It is a churned curd that is made in either sweet or salty variants.
  • Kadhi: It is spicy yellow-coloured curd curry prepared with chickpea fritters. 

Outdoor Catering and Online Food Delivery

From the menu of this restaurant, you can figure out that the food of Punjab is famous for spicy and tandoori cooking style. Now, this cuisine has become popular in many other parts of the world.

You can easily find a good North Indian food in different countries like the USA, Singapore, the UAE, Canada, Hong Kong, South Korea and many other regions across the world. 

If we talk specifically about Dubai, Amritsr Restaurant is the best place to enjoy the local taste of Punjab. Besides the original taste of Punjab, the restaurant also offers 24/7 online food delivery service. So, no matter whenever you crave for Indian food, you can pick a call or order your favourite food through the restaurant’s mobile app.

The restaurant also remains open 24 hours, so you may even take away your Dhaba-style food to your home or office. 

What else to expect when the best taste is delivered to your doorstep at any place, any time. There is no need to visit any other eatery when you wish to enjoy the real taste from India. 

Besides, the restaurant offers outdoor catering service for different occasions. They are popular for doing a special arrangement for business events, birthday parties, weddings and other special occasions and functions. You may contact them for any of these services when you have an Indian theme. 

Their collection of original Punjabi food, just like the food found in Punjabi households, is made to fill your heart and stomach with amazing flavours. They aim to offer their patrons with the most authentic North Indian, as well as Indo-Chinese food.

They try to stick to their roots to cherish the humble origin. Meanwhile, the aesthetic ambience of the restaurant is likely to elevate your mood instantly. 

Above all, they offer a specialised menu facility to patrons to order dishes according to their specific requirements. For the amazing experience, you must visit the restaurant in Al Kamara, Dubai today or order the food online to satisfy your hunger pangs.