What’s the difference between Buttermilk and Lassi? Which is More Healthy

buttermilk vs lassi

if you belong to India, so you must have tasted these two delicious beverages Lassi and Chaas. These both beverages are available abundantly in every part of India, especially in North India. Both summer drinks are made of butter but apart from being made of butter, there is no such similarity between the taste and qualities. However, a lot of times, many people get confused between Chaas and Lassi.

Lassi: The Celebrated Drink of Punjab: Lassi is one of the staple drinks of Punjab. This dish is originated in Punjab and gradually it has become hugely popular across India and abroad. Lassi is quite thicker as compared to the Chaas or buttermilk. Lassi is made from churning curd and topped with various toppings such as mango, kesar, or rose syrup. To enhance the taste of lassi, a lot of nuts are added to this sweet beverage. Lassi is usually served in tall glasses as we have seen in the movies and it can be paired well with Aloo Paratha, Cholle Bhature, and other dishes. You can even gulp down a glass of cold lassi during the summer days to keep you the hydrated entire day.

Health Benefits of Drinking Lassi:

Here we are sharing with you a few of the health benefits of drinking lassi.

Helps in Digestion: Lassi is known to be light for your stomach. This drink contains lactobacillus bacteria that help in lubricating your intestines and absorb the food and support indigestion. So drinking lassi regularly helps in indigestion and heartburn which is a normal problem among people nowadays.

Prevents stomach problems: Lassi prevents various stomach problems due to the presence of good bacteria in lassi and effectively stops the bad bacteria growth in your gut and eliminates all stomach problems.

Improves bone health: Lassi is known to have calcium that acts as a key ingredient in improving bone health.

Boosts immunity: Lassi is rich in lactic acid and vitamin D that helps in improving your immunity and protects you against several health problems. The presence of Vitamin D in lassi helps in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

Good for Skin: Lassi is good for your skin because the presence of lactic acid removes blemishes from your skin and helps in maintaining skin youthfulness.

Chaas or Buttermilk: Buttermilk or Chaas is hugely popular in Gujarat and Rajasthan. It is being said that this sweet drink was first made in Gujarat. This dish is also quite famous like Lassi among people and heavily being drunk during the summers. This drink is made in a similar manner as lassi but a lot of water is being added to yogurt unlike we do in lassi. And here butterfat is also removed, so it has a thinner consistency. To enhance the taste of buttermilk or chaas, you can add salt, roasted jeera (cumin seeds), or pepper for taste.

What are the health benefits of Chaas or Buttermilk?

Alike Lassi, Chaas too has several health benefits. Therefore, you should include Chaas in your diet during the summers.

1) Aids in Digestion: Buttermilk or Chaas can also help in digestion. After having a heavy meal, a glass of buttermilk or chaas helps in digestion. Moreover, you can get rid of the bloating with the regular consumption of chaas.
2) Reduces Acidity: If you are suffering from regular acidity due to the production of reflux after having food, so you can easily get rid of it with Chaas.
3) Fights Constipation: If you are suffering from constipation then drinking chaas on a regular basis helps you to get rid of Constipation.
4) This drink contains Vitamin B complex and potassium which has a good effect on your health.
5) This is an excellent alternative for people who are lactose intolerant that stops them from consuming milk. They can opt for buttermilk that fulfills the necessary calcium without fat content.
6) It has been proved in a research that drinking chaas regularly lowers your blood pressure.

Which One is More Healty Lassi or Chaas?

So as you have read there are several differences between Chaas and Lassi but they both are hugely beneficial for your health. So it is quite hard to say which dink is better Chaas or Lassi. We will advise you to drink both as these both drinks are good for your health.