Top 8 Health Benefits of Jaljeera | Recipe of Jaljeera

jaljeera health benefits

Jaljeera a refreshing & cool summer drink that will help you to stay hydrated througout the day. It is also known to fight against intenstinal gas & poor digestion. One of the most refreshing summer drink is not only known for its excellent taste but several health benefits. If you belong to India, then you must have drink this refreshing drink from street vendors or in restaurants. It is common sight to see vendors selling this drink across the streets of India. This drink is quite popular not only in India but across the world. It is simple to prepare Jaljeera using mint, leaves, lots of masala, and boondi. Among all these ingredients Cumin is the main ingredients of this drink. Cumin is immensely benevolent for your health as it helps in improving your digestion, and contributes in burning the calories. If you add right ingredients while preparing Jaljeera, it becomes one of the most wholesome drinks for your health. Here are some amazing benefits of drinking jaljeera.

Improves Your Digestion: It is quite beneficial for your digestive system as jaljeera activates digestive juices in your stomach and improves the digestive system.

Keeps You Hydrated: Hydration becomes immensely important during the summers. So if you hate drinking plain water, then we will suggest you to start having Jaljeera and it will keep you hydrated throughout the day.

Prevents Anemia: Cumin is an excellent source of Iron so consuming Jaljeera at regular intervals will help in treating Anemia. It keeps your body hydrated and boosts your immunity.

Remedy for gastrointestinal upset: If you are suffering from gastrointestinal problems, then you should start drinking the jaljeera as it contains ginger which treats nausea and giddiness. It also works well in treatment of vomiting, abdominal cramps, and other health problems.

Improves Vitamin C Deficiency: Vitamin C is hugely important for your health and if you are suffering from Vitamin C deficiency in your body, then you should start drinking Jaljeera on a regular basis. Jaljeera contains Aamchoor which has Vitamin C that improves your immunity.

Jaljeera helps in your respiratory System: As we know that air polution is increasing everyday. So it becomes very important to keep your respiratory system intact. It includes various spices and herbs that helps in brewaking down the mucous.

Helps You Deal With Acidity: A lot of people face acidity problem during the summers. It is a common problem among the people so if you are feeling heaviness in your stomach, then you should drink Jaljeera drink as it will help you fight the uneasiness that comes with acidity.

Treats Stomach Cramps
You may experience nausea due to the red hot heat and experience cramps. Jaljeera is a great drink to treat these cramps. It soothes your stomach and prevents any cramps.

What is the recipe of Preparing Jaljeera?

It is quite easy to prepare Jaljeera. Here we are sharing a step by step procedure to prepare the Jaljeera.

Ingredients to Prepare Jaljeera: Jeera or cumin seeds, fennel seeds, Amchur powder, Mint leaves, Cumin, Black pepper, Ginger Tamarind & Boondi.

Easy Step for Jaljeera Recipe:

Mix all the given ingredients well and store it in a clean, air-tight container. To make Jaljeera, add 1 tbsp of powder in one glass of chilled water. You may even add ice cubes and lemon juice into the mixture. Serve it chilled.