Paratha: An Everyday Indian Complete Breakfast


Desi paratha is a delicious Indian dish, oozing with ghee and packed with various stuffing and local spices. This recipe has successfully passed the test of time, combating through various trending fast food items available in Dubai. 

Indian paratha stands undisputed as one of the popular food items in Dubai over French fries and chips. Be it plain or stuffed, this Indian food recipe is apt for various occasions – from everyday lunchboxes to Indian festivals and ceremonies. 

The dizzying aroma of paratha is likely to captivate anyone’s senses with the goodness of healthy ingredients and loads of flavours. Just a bite of paratha will export your mind to the local streets of India, where different types of parathas are served daily for breakfast and lunch. 

In India, paratha is synonymous with the care and warmth of a mother, serving a hearty meal to the entire family. However, you can now enjoy the original taste of Indian parathas even in Dubai’s Amritsr Restaurant. 

What is Paratha?

Paratha, an Indian staple available in almost every Indian home, is a think, soft and flaky flatbread that people enjoy in breakfast, lunch and even dinner.

A plain paratha is made from whole wheat flour that’s formed into a dough, which is prepared using oil/ghee, salt and water. This dough is further rolled into a thin layer and properly cooked on a hot tawa or griddle with ghee/oil until both sides turn golden brown. Unlike plain paratha, stuffed parathas are made with a combination of tasty filling within them.

What are the types of paratha?

different types of indian paratha

You can try different types of paratha at Indian restaurants in Dubai. Some of these parathas are: 

  • Aloo paratha
  • Paneer paratha
  • Gobi paratha
  • Masala paratha 
  • Matar Paratha or Peas paratha 
  • Methi paratha
  • Laccha paratha
  • Anda paratha or more  

What do we call paratha in English?

Indian paratha in English, pronounced as pəˈrɑːtə, is called flat unleavened bread. It resembles small naan or bread, which is further fried on a tawa or griddle. 

How Healthy is Paratha?

Contrary to most people’s beliefs, paratha is a healthy food item. It depends on how you prepare it. If a paratha is cooked with unhealthy ingredients or stuffing and a lot of fat and ghee, it’s likely to be unhealthy foods for you. But if you put healthy ingredients in your paratha and apply fewer fats or ghee, it will naturally become healthier. 

Tips for Making Healthy Paratha

  • Use whole wheat flour to make paratha dough instead of maida flour.
  • Use sooji to make paratha dough to make it healthier than maida. 
  • You may add milk when making paratha dough. It makes the paratha soft and keeps it fresh for a long duration. You can add milk to the dough while kneading it. Adding milk to paratha dough also makes it more nutritious and healthier. 
  • When you make your paratha stuffing, use different types of vegetables for stuffing. 
  • You may choose paratha stuffing to make it high in protein. For instance, add tofu, paneer, eggs or dal to your paratha to make it protein-rich. 
  • To make a low-calorie paratha, you must use the minimum amount of ghee or oil. First, cook a paratha without ghee on both sides and then apply ghee. This way it will absorb less oil than usual. 

What’s the Difference between Roti and Paratha?

Roti and chapati are the same. This round flatbread is made from whole-grain wheat flour. It is prepared with unleavened dough and cooked on a hot tawa/griddle.

A paratha, on the other hand, is a layered version of roti or chapati that’s further layered with ghee/oil. With the application of ghee/oil, while cooking, parathas become much softer and tastier compared to a plain roti. 

What are the Ingredients for Paratha?

The main ingredients of paratha are atta or maida, ghee/cooking oil/butter and stuffing of different ingredients, such as aloo, paneer, methi, gobi, egg, onion, and more. 


A paratha is an Indian flatbread that people usually enjoyed in India for breakfast, lunch and dinner. These are not just round but also triangle or square in shape, depending on your preference.

In Dubai, you can easily find different types of paratha at Amritsr restaurant. These are often served with daals, sabzi, curries, chutneys and pickles. You may even accompany your parathas with a hot cup of tea or sweet/salty lassi, which is also called buttermilk (Chaas).