Can’t Go Outside? Don’t Worry! Get Home Delivery of Food from Amritsr Restaurant


No matter if you work from home or midnight hunger pangs often trouble you, 24-hour home delivery restaurants in Dubai are always available to cater to you. You may order food online anytime, anywhere with the help of Amritsr restaurant’s 24/7 food takeaway service.

Whether you work from home or stuck at home due to the current lockdown situation, you might be worried about how to order your food, especially if you cannot cook? Another cause of concern is how safe is the restaurant food these days? 

There is no need to panic, as you can easily order food online in Dubai. In case, you’re into Indian cuisine, you’re in luck because Amritsr Restaurant in Dubai offers 24/7 online food delivery service to customers. 

Get Home Delivery of your Food from Amritsr Restaurant

Nowadays, many apps offer home food delivery in Dubai to limit direct in-person contact among customers and the restaurant staff. Amritsr Restaurant offers various lip-smacking Indian dishes like Amritsari Kulcha, Chicken Tikka, Butter Chicken, etc. to Indian food lovers. 

24/7 home delivery of food in dubai

We also offer healthy food home delivery in Dubai for health-conscious people who like to maintain their diet even if they’re working from home and ordering food from outside. 

You can make use of our 24/7 food delivery service at any time of the day or night. We have appropriate staff to offer home delivery services anytime, anywhere in Dubai. Moreover, our kitchen staff and food delivery team are well-trained to practice safe food packing and delivery respectively.  

While cooking and packing your food, we instruct our staff to wear a mask and gloves to ensure there is no food contamination. Even our food delivery person maintains hygiene by wearing a mask and gloves while delivering food nowadays. Furthermore, to maintain a contact-free meal delivery service, you may request the delivery guy to drop the food at your doorstep. 

Food Safety Measures Followed by Amritsr Restaurant

Since we offer 24/7 food delivery service in Dubai, we need to maintain certain food safety measures to ensure safe and healthy food packages are delivered to our customers on time. 

Food Safety Measures at Amritsr Restaurant

Here are some safety measures followed by Amritsr Restaurant in Dubai:

Clean Rule Sequel

The cleanliness does not stop at washing hands with soap and warm water. In a restaurant, it is essential to keep everything clean all the time. When it’s about packing food in bulk, the team is often under pressure. However, we instruct our team to follow the given rules: 

  • Food must be promptly cleared. The food residue and dirty dishes must never come in contact with freshly prepared food. 
  • Do dishes often while ensuring plates, knives, cooking utensils, and silverware are properly sanitized and cleaned. 
  • Wipe off all kitchen counters properly all day long while removing old food particles or spilled beverages.    
  • Clear the preparation areas and ensure everything is free of residue and the walk-ins are sealed correctly. 
  • It is also important to break down and clean flat tops, grills, stoves, and hood properly. 

Cook Rule

The chefs at our restaurant are instructed to follow certain rules while cooking. They have to monitor temperature, as it’s crucial when cooking something at a suggested preparation temperature. 

In the case of meat and chicken, everything must be cooked properly to ensure that no part is left uncooked. When preparing meals, the chefs at the restaurant often use a food thermometer to check whether all food items meet the given internal temperature:

  • 135°F for vegetables that are kept warm, ready-to-eat foods, such as hot dogs or soup, as well as other packaged foods.
  • 145°F for beef, eggs, fish, and pork.
  • 155°F for hamburger and sausage.
  • 160°F for ground meats like chicken, turkey, or beef.
  • 165°F for stuffed foods, poultry, microwaved, and casserole-kept animal products.

Chill Rule

Our restaurant staff members understand that it does not take long for food to get contaminated. Delay of a few minutes and too many sittings near the grill or on the preparation table can spoil a once-suitable dish. 

So, rather than figuring out whether a food item is okay after a certain period, our chefs abide by a simple two-hour rule. Generally, a perishable meal or prepared food must be left out only at room temperature but not for more than two hours before putting the leftovers into a fridge. 

Any time longer than that could start slipping your food item into the “danger zone” of the temperature that’s considered to be harmful. For, beyond a certain point (i.e. 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit), bacteria start growing on the food.  

If our team is suspicious that fish, poultry, meat, salad or any other food item has been out of the fridge for longer than two hours, it’s discarded immediately. Basic food safety is important for restaurants to build a customer’s trust and stick to ethical standards. 

Cross-Contamination Rule

For food safety, raw and cooked foods are never stored together or kept close, including in a walk-in refrigerator. This is because bacteria on raw foods could easily linger onto cooked food and contaminate it. Without following proper procedures, bacteria may even spread easily onto food items. 

So, when storing raw and cooked food in the same place, the team makes sure that one area is designated for raw food storage and another area is kept for cooked food. Preferably, individual shelves are kept for both raw and cooked food. Usually, raw food is kept closer to the ground to avoid leaking or dripping onto other cooked food items. 

Another way to make sure that raw meat is not cross-contaminated with ready-to-eat hot foods and cold foods, it’s important to make sure that different cutting boards are used for different food items. 

Since kitchen staff has to do too much cutting for creating amazing dishes, they must keep separate cutting boards and utensils for vegetables and meats. Furthermore, cold food items like vegetables and fruits must have a separate designated space, along with a separate cutting board, to avoid cross-contamination with raw poultry and meat products. 

Wear gloves

Whenever required, the restaurant staff members have to wear gloves, especially in the kitchen. This is important because washing hands all the time is not possible, mainly during rush hours. So, to avoid cross-contamination, the team is instructed to wear gloves all the time in the kitchen while handling different ingredients and touching different utensils. 

Wearing gloves is important during food preparation, especially if food needs hands-on contact like making salads and preparing sandwiches. No matter how much cooks dislike gloves, they must wear them while making food to uphold food safety measures and laws. 

Gloves are not for protecting your hands but they protect your food from your hands. Gloves may even pick up germs easily. Therefore, we ensure to change gloves regularly, including soon after touching anything outside the food preparation area and when tasks are changed within the kitchen itself. 

Replace Certain Kitchen Items

Just like disposing of gloves, it’s also important to timely dispose of dishwashing sponges, rags used for cleaning food prep areas, and towels used for wiping things down the line. These items could easily become the breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Therefore, we instruct the restaurant cleaning staff to clean and throw away these disposable items after a few uses.  

Instead of reusing washable or disposable products, it’s best to keep their use to a minimum. We make sure to throw these things away after every few days, wash rags daily and limit the use of paper products to just one day. Such simple steps help us keep our restaurant kitchen clean and free of germs.  

Focus on Health

We strictly discourage our restaurant staff from coming to work when they are ill or sick. Staying home for restaurant staff members is mandatory when they do not feel well. Servers, cooks, bartenders, cashiers, managers, and even dish cleaning staff must steer clear of the kitchen area or any other area in a restaurant when they are carrying any contagious disease that may spread germs. 

To be precise, our food service workers are not allowed to touch food under certain circumstances, such as:

  • With any infected wounds or uncovered wounds.
  • If a staff member is suffering from vomiting or diarrhea. 
  • Confirmed diagnosis of certain infections that may be transmitted via food, such as Hepatitis A, E. coli, Shigella, or Salmonella.
  • Continued congestion, coughing, sneezing, or runny nose.
  • In the case of flu, however, it’s not spread via food; it can spread through the contaminated areas in a restaurant. Therefore, staff members are advised not to come to the restaurant if they’ve caught the flu. 

Below is our complete video for how food delivery is Done at Amritsr Restaurant:-


Do you often wake up at 3 am due to hunger pangs or work from home? No matter what’s your excuse for not cooking, you may easily pick up your phone to order the best Indian food home delivery in Dubai from Amritsr Restaurant. 

We offer the best home delivery food in Dubai to help people enjoy home-cooked meals or mid-night snacking at any time of the day or night. Customers can easily order food online in Dubai through our 24/7 online food service. 

Plus, our team at the restaurant ensures that the food is prepared and packaged with all safety measures. So, we assure delivering quality food that you can enjoy with your family and friends.