Gajar Ka Halwa – What makes this Indian Dessert So Delicious?

Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar halwa is one of the popular Indian desserts that many people in India, as well as abroad, love. Besides being too tasty, this dessert is also healthy due to the presence of different nutritious ingredients. 

Gajar halwa, also called Gajrela, is a very delicious North Indian, especially Punjabi, dish. In the winter season, people in North India love to eat Gajar ka halwa after a hearty meal or in the evening with a refreshing cup of masala chai.

You may even have it for breakfast or at lunchtime, as you need no reason to eat Gajar halwa. Many people even prepare it during Diwali or other special occasions in India.

What is Gajar Ka Halwa?

Gajar ka Halwa is a popular Indian dessert that’s made with loads of carrots, ghee, milk, khoya, sugar/gur, nuts and cardamom. It is a popular Punjabi dish that people enjoy both cold and hot. 

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Speaking particularly about gajar halwa, the caramelized and chewy carrots are slow-cooked in an open vessel for around an hour to prepare this treat.

Gajar ka Halwa at Amritsr Restaurant

There could be nothing better than a bowl full of warm carrot halwa on a cold day in the winter season. The taste of this Indian carrot pudding is so heavenly that you wouldn’t stop on just one bowl. 

There are different ways of making Gajar ka Halwa. However, the authentic Punjabi way of making this sweet dish is using red carrots, ghee, sugar and dry fruits.

There’s something so special about this dessert that cannot be explained in words. You can only get it when you have a spoon full of gajar halwa in your favourite restaurant in Dubai. You may even order it for home delivery from Amritsr restaurant. 


Looking for a special dessert for an Indian festival or any other special occasion? You may order palatable Gajar halwa from your favourite Amritsr restaurant to make any occasion more special and merrier. 

FAQs on Gajar Ka Halwa

Is Gajar halwa healthy? 

The ingredients used in gajar halwa make it a healthy dessert. It is loaded with carrots that are a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C and fibre. Adding milk to this halwa also makes it rich in calcium and protein. If you are health conscious, you may add Jaggery (gur) into the halwa instead of processed sugar. 

What does Gajar Halwa taste like?

Gajar halwa tastes heavenly and has a blended aroma of milk, carrots and dry fruits. You would love how the warm halwa melts in your mouth and blasts different flavours to satisfy your taste buds. Its amazing taste makes it one of the popular Indian desserts

What is Gajar Ka Halwa called in English?

Gajar ka Halwa is known as Indian Carrot Pudding in English. It is a perfect sweet dish for the Diwali season or any other special Indian occasion. People even love to eat it with a hot cup of masala tea in the evening. 

Which carrot is good for Halwa? 

Generally, red carrots are used for making gajar halwa, as these are juicy and tender. If red carrots are not available, you can even make the halwa with orange carrots. But when buying carrots, make sure those are juicy and tender – not dense.