Top Health Benefits of Almond Barfi You Must Know

almond barfi

Almond Barfi is also known as Badam Barfi or Badam Katli. It is the name of an Indian sweet made with sugar, almonds, cardamom powder, etc. This kind of Indian sweet is magic towards deliciousness which gives unprecedented flavors to the taste buds. This sweet is apt for any auspicious occasion or any ceremony/festival. People have it and share it with their loved ones and moreover, its packaging box is used to give presents.

 Almond Barfi making is quite traditional or modern. It depends upon you which way you use for making this barfi. This barfi is made by peeling, soaking, blending, and adding to the milk residues. The mixture is cooled or froze later on after the cooking process. 

Have a look at the preparation and sure shot steps of Almond barfi:

  1. Take a pot of hot boiling water and add almonds in the hot water. 
  2. Then turn off the stove or gas and put them aside for a few minutes.
  3. Now rinse them in the running water with a colander and drain off the water properly.
  4. Now scatter each and every piece of almond in a dry cloth.
  5. Peel the skin covers of almonds. Soon they will be automatically removed with your fingers.
  6. Air dry them all the almonds and rest them aside for a few minutes.
  7. Do not powder wet almonds otherwise they will become coarse sooner or later.
  8. Alternate step would be roasting, you can roast them lightly to make them moist free.
  9. Keep them aside in a blender and cool them.
  10. Make sure not overblend the almonds otherwise they will start to release oil which will spoil the sweet at the end of the day.
  11. Now take the skillet or non-stick pan and add sugar in the pan with a low flame. You can also pour cardamom powder as you taste.
  12. Bring the sugar to a rapid boil completely.
  13. Within a short interval of time add the almond powder and mix the mixture properly. 
  14. Take the mixture off from the stove and put aside and make lumps of the mixture.
  15. Now put the skillet back on the stove and start stirring on a medium flame.
  16. The mixture will become thick in nature and now you can add cardamom powder.
  17. Add ghee or oil in the mixture as per your taste and start stirring it continuously. 
  18. Now pour the mixture to a greased plate or butter paper and cool the mixture for sometime. REMEMBER do not cool the mixture completely otherwise it will become hard and can not be shaped properly. 
  19. Start making a dough and knead it with your fingers.
  20. Use parchment paper to cover the dough and make it thick with the rolling pin.
  21. Cut the dough into desirable pieces and add or sprinkle cashews/nuts accordingly.
  22. And rest assured, your almond barfi pieces are ready.

Health benefits of Almonds and barfi:

  1. Almonds are rich in monounsaturated fats, fibers, carbs and many other nutrients. These essential nutrients are really beneficial for the development of the body.
  2. Almonds contain antioxidants that protect our cells from the damage and these antioxidants will serve the purpose. By eating barfi, you will get these various nutrients.
  3. Vitamin E is generally common in almonds for numerous health benefits. 
  4. Moreover, these almonds have high quantities of magnesium which help in treating metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Deficiency of magnesium leads to high blood pressure problems in the body.
  5. If you are a bodybuilder then these almonds are best for you because they are rich in proteins. They can also increase satiety and satisfaction for the balancing of body organs. 

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