5 Immunity-Boosting Foods that You Should Eat During COVID-19

5-Immunity-Boosting Foods

Health is wealth. You need to have a strong immune system that can protect you from harmful diseases and infections. We know exactly what has cropped up in your mind.

The thought of COVID-19 right? Well, we have both good and bad news for you. Let’s get done with the bad part. The bad news, which you all must be knowing is that there isn’t a single antidote or vaccine yet to treat the virus.

However, the good news is that if you have a rock-solid immune system, you can not only recover faster but also keep the virus at bay.

Well, the only way to develop immunity is to consume immunity power food. If you’re eating too many Pizzas and Burgers, it is advisable to eat them in moderation and increase the intake of food that is good for the immune system.

Want to know more? Read on.

What are Immunity Boosting Foods?

Prevention is better than cure. So, if you want to prevent cough & cold, fever/flu, and other serious illnesses, then you must include Immunity-Boosting Foods in your diet.

Time to make fruits and vegetables your best friends! Such foods may also help the body in creating a certain amount of resistance against COVID-19. 

Here’s a list of 5 Immunity Power Increasing Foods that you should eat in the troubled times of COVID-19:-

1. Garlic


Garlic not only gives your food a fine taste but also has great health benefits. Did you know that garlic is an anti-virus food item that defends the body against seasonal flu? It consists of a compound – allicin, which has immense medicinal value.

2. Oranges


Oranges contain Vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system and helps recover from a cold pretty quickly. If you are bored of eating just orange, you can also try any other citrus fruit. The orange juice in Amritsr Restaurant is a healthy option as it is made from natural oranges.

3. Turmeric


The best way to have turmeric is to boil it in milk and drink it. Turmeric is effective against cough and cold. Curcumin (the compound in Turmeric) heals wounds and helps get rid of infections. Turmeric also contains beneficial anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory elements.

4. Lemons


Like orange, lemon is again a citrus fruit containing Vitamin C. Apart from helping the body fight against cough and cold, it keeps the heart healthy, aids in weight loss prevent kidney stones, reduces the risk of cancer, and improves digestion. 

Lemon water is healthy and keeps the body hydrated. Try the refreshing Fresh Lime Soda at Amritsr Restaurant & you will crave for more.

5. Yogurt 


Yogurt is rich in Vitamin D that bolsters the immune system and comes of great use in providing protection against many diseases. It is responsible for forming good bacteria in our bodies. 

Plain yogurt is surely a much healthier and a much more nutritious option than sweet, flavoured, or sugary yogurt. If you don’t like the taste of plain yogurt, add fruits or honey to sweeten it.

Whenever you visit Amritsr Restaurant, we would recommend you try a glass of Lassi which is also a great & healthy breakfast idea. A yummy, tasty option that is also good for your health.


So, stated above were the foods to eat in order to boost the immune system. Irrespective of whether COVID-19 stays or goes away, you must always stay cautious, eat right, and exercise daily. 

Healthy habits improve our quality of life. It is the choice of lifestyle that makes a huge amount of difference. There are numerous foods to boost immunity, but at the end of the day, it is you who has to be health-conscious and eat healthily.