Dal Makhani Recipe | How to make Dal Makhani 

dal makhni recipe

The most popular lentil dish originated in Punjab and Pakistan, Dal Makhani is the most loveable Indian curry among everyone who adores Indian dishes in Dubai. Made with urad dal, spices, rajma and butter, this lentil curry will give you goodness, satisfaction and excitement once you start having this curry. Whether you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, this dish is equally favorite among everyone.
In this article, you will get to know the recipe of Dal makhani and whole procedure of its cooking:

Dal Makhani recipe | How to make Dal Makhani 

1) Soaking of Lentils: The first step starts with soaking of lentils. Soak the urad dal and rajma (kidney beans) for about 7-8 hours and drain them well after that. 

2) Now rinse both ingredients in the water so that they become more soft and all the impurities could wash away.

3) Now take the pressure cooker and add 3-5 cups of water and mix the both lentils and rajma in the water. Keep stirring continues. 

4) Cook the mixture for sometime in the pressure cooker. You need approximately 10-12 whistles so that all the mixture of dal and rajma could become tender and easy to eat. Make sure they are cooked and softened properly and thoroughly.

5) To check the doneness you can take lentils with your fingers and bite them. 

6) Now comes the spices part. Add some chopped tomatoes in the blender. Make sure you don’t need to blanch them.

7) Now keep aside the tomato puree for sometime.

8) Making of Dal Makhani: Now you will start with heating some cooking oil in the skillet. Add some spices like cloves, bay leaves, cinnamon, cardamom, and dry the whole spices till they become aromatic and start giving a sound of sputtering. 

9) Take some chopped onions and add them to the spicy mixture in the pan. Saute the onions until they become golden in colour. You can also add some ginger garlic paste to add some extra flavours.

10) After some time, you can take the tomato puree and add it well in the onion mixture. Keep the stirring and add chilli powder to make it extra spicy. 

11) On a low flame, you can cook the mixture for about 3-7 minutes as per the quantity and then add the main ingredient of the dish i.e the lentil mixture. The process should be slow and calm while cooking dal makhani.

12) Mix  & simmer the dal on low heat until it becomes aromatic in nature. Make sure the lentils should not stick to the pan. Now add salt as per taste and mixture of the lentils curry.

13) If the curry becomes so dense, then you can add water to balance it out. But don’t compromise with the taste and quality. And in the next steps, keep stirring for sometime and after that you can add cream in the dal mixture. That’s why it is called dal makhani because of this creamy substance. 

14) Now as per your wish , you can kasuri methi, coriander leaves to make it more aromatic. 

15) And the last step is the serving part. Serve this Indian curry in front of your guests. If for some reason, you can’t make this curry at home then order this Indian dish from the Indian restaurant in Al Karama.

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