Here are some tips to avoid food delivery chaos in your restaurant

tips to avoid food delivery chaos in your restaurant

Dealing with any restaurant business is a tedious task, especially when you’re also running a food delivery service. You need to shuffle different tablets from various third-party food delivery places and also keep a check on the arrangement of packaging materials (think takeout cups, compartments, boxes, bowls, napkins, cutlery, etc).

At the same time, takeaway receipts flood your cash counter. When business is going incredible, how would you keep your 24-hour food delivery service hassle-free? Well, here are the five quirky tips to avoid any chaos in your food delivery service:

1. Dispose of the wall of tablets

Use a multipurpose app with which you only need one tablet to deal with all your online orders. Although most internet-based food ordering platforms expect you to keep your online shop open, you won’t require various tablets due to advanced technology. You can now put all the different tablets in a drawer and only manage one single device to deal with your food delivery service.

2. Get a multifunctional stand for mPOS (mobile point of sale)

Buy a multifunctional stand, for example, the BOXaPOS, a simple-to-turn tablet stand that utilizes a Star POS receipt printer as its base. This new mPOS stand, which will soon reach its production phase, is intended to integrate a customer-facing display for easy delivery service and order Punjabi food near me in Dubai.

3. Find a clever method for keeping your order flow well-organized

  • It’s best to set up the delivery station before the rush comes. Allocate somebody to fill topping holders, fold to-go boxes, keep napkins in takeout packs, etc, so you don’t need to do this when orders start coming in.
  • Use a docket or rail system to neatly hang your accepted order receipts. If possible, coordinate them with an accompanying pack from the delivery channel the food request came from.
  • When someone orders food online Dubai, prepare it immediately and keep it in a warmer food display cabinet until the courier picks it up, as no one loves their food to be lukewarm or cold.
  • If conceivable, keep a separate area for pick-up/takeout so that the riders and couriers don’t need to wait too long in your in-house restaurant.

4. Keep your delivery package clean

Your delivery bags and other packed items signify your brand image, just like your food. So, make sure that these food packages are kept clean. This implies you need to store food in a manner that doesn’t come in contact with moisture or dust.

5. Look for ways to manage excess food

Figure out how to manage your excess delivery orders, food, and leftovers. Although it should just happen once in a while, riders at times don’t come to pick up the order. No matter what’s the situation, you must always be prepared for the worst.